Aizu lies northeast of Tokyo, about three hours away by train.
It abounds in nature and has four distinctively colored seasons, but it is also the birthplace of Aizu lacquerware - traditional lacquerware craft with a history of more than 400 years.
2006 was the year a movement occurred in the world of Aizu lacquerware.
It was “BITOWA”, a new brand born out of the fusion between traditional techniques and modern sensibility.

Since the “BITOWA” brand was created, it has been continuously subjecting itself to one question: “What is the new Aizu lacquerware?” and it has been constantly broadening the potential of the Aizu lacquerware by reflecting the contemporary aesthetic sense and lifestyle in its design.
At present, BITOWA is continuing its development on three important paths: “BITOWA” - proposing a hotel-like high-quality life, “BITOWA modern” - coloring an elegant everyday life, and “BITOWA order” - a special order line.


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